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Dates & Location

June 24th -26th 12th, 9am-6pm

Skin Institute Atlanta, 1770 Old Spring House Lane, #100, Dunwoody, GA 30338

Contact: questions@4nineteeneducation.com


  • Course Description

    You will observe on your patient’s/client’s body. These postural formations occur in the spine, pelvis, upper extremities and lower extremities. You will learn that some of the postural deviations are from habitual ways of resting or using the body. This class will provide guidance on how the therapist can assess and provide treatment to address and correct the posture. You will also be able to provide patients/ clients home programs to assist with correcting their postural deviations.

  • What are the Benefits for Students?

    *Describe why the identification of causal factors is so important for correction of posture and why client-led correction may have a greater impact than corrective techniques used by a professional. *Give examples of when referral to another practitioner may be warranted. *Describe the anatomical features of the postures in the pelvis, lower limb, shoulder and elbow. *Recognize the postures in the pelvis, lower limb, shoulder and elbow on a client. *Give 2 examples of appropriate treatment of the correction of each posture of the pelvis, lower limb, shoulder and elbow. *Give 2 examples of the kinds of stretches, exercises and activities that my be suitable for clients with specific postures of the pelvis and state for which clients these self management tools might be contraindicated for the pelvis, lower limb, shoulder and elbow.

  • What are the Benefits for Clients/Patients/Athletes?

    *Increase in the following: -Range of Motion -Flexibility -Strength *Increase the ability of their body to be able to perform better in alignment *Enhances recovery and shortens recovery time from the activity and/or sport.

  • What are the Prerequisites?

    Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer and/or Healthcare Professional.

  • Is this a Online or In-Person Class?

    LIVE In-person Class ONLY!

  • Do I receive a Certificate?

    YES! You will receive a Certificate of Completion for Postural Imbalances Treatments w/ Manual Therapies. This course is an Approved Course with the NCBTMB & BOC.

  • What to bring?

    Bring your sheets, face cradle cover, and wear comfortable clothing. If any changes are made you will receive an email, so please check your email regularly a week prior to the class.

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Davonna Willis, MA, ATC, LMT


Davonna has a Master's Degree in Health Education from Teacher's College, Columbia University, and over 20 years of experience in Sports Medicine and Massage Therapy as an Athletic Trainer and Massage Therapist.
Davonna Willis

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