Does this sound familar?

  • You're athletic trainer who loves working with athletes, but you're starting to get burnt out.

  • You want to try entrepreneurship, but don't know how to get started.

  • You want to find another stream of income instead of working 50 to 60 hours work a week.

  • I’ve got you! I’ve been where you are and I’ve put together this FREE class to show you some tips (that actually work!) to get more clients.


Happy Clients!

“Worked with a couple of different coaches throughout the year and they didn't seem to understand the goals of my business or personalize their advice. But, not Davonna! She is a real gem of a human being, as well as, a business coach. She brings a perfect balance of positivity and tough love to get you where you need to be. She wants you to succeed. I also loved the group calls as it helped with accountability and felt like I have a team... I mean I do have a team!! If you're on the fence about signing up, here's me pushing you over the edge ;). Just do it! There's no better time than now to build your business and your freedom as a business owner!”

Dr. Allie W

“Davonna is a Godsend!!! It was so beneficial to me as a business owner and as a massage therapist. I learned so much from her and from the other ladies in the class. We all bounced ideas off of each other and learned from each other as well. I can only imagine how much further I would be a long had I had been able to complete the course. I've done other little mini business classes but because she is in my field she has a special gift and lots and lots and lots of knowledge of how to be successful in this business.”

Chloe M.

“Davonna is the best Coach! I took her Business coaching class and my business improved drastically within 2 weeks. I am very grateful for her experience and knowledge in business. She also has a beautiful personality to help you gain more confidence in your business. This class is well worth it.”

Moreni H.

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