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Is this you?

  • You are an excellent practitioner but you still have openings to fill in your schedule.

  • You have big plans to keep up with your marketing, but there just never seems to be enough time.

  • You wish you could just outsource all of your marketing but it's just not in your budget.

  • You know you would be booked solid if you could just get out in front of your ideal clients.

  • You have a vision for your brand but you don't have the design skills to create it.

Hi! I'm Davonna!

If you're looking for knowledge, encouragement and support in your career and business .... You're in the Right Place!

Spend your time doing what you love and leave the content creation to us with The Money Making Marketing Membership!

All content library materials are yours to save, customize and use to promote your business, no membership or ongoing payments required.

  • Promote Your Business with Ease

  • Stay Booked Consistently And Make the Money You Want

  • Have More Time for Self-Care and the People You Love!

What’s Included in the Marketing Membership?

Massage Marketing Contents at checkout.

600+ Massage Quote Images, all content is unbranded so you can add your own branding. $1,000 Value.

Plus, Facebook cover images for giving your business page a facelift, and ad images that can be used anywhere!

700+ newsletter articles about a Massage topic you can send these out in an email, use them for fresh blog posts, and more. Saving hours to research and write an article! $1,500 Value

200+ Blog header images for your articles sized generously and including blank high-quality images you can use anywhere

Digital and printable gift certificate templates, plus gift certificate tracking logs! Build your business with NEW CLIENTS from your gift certificate sales.

Ad Copy

Ad Copy 1200+ Words you can use to get clients in the door, these ads that will sell the benefits and results of coming to see you! 

Did you know a potential client needs to see your brand up to 10 times before they book?

With the content library, you will be able to send high-quality customized & fun content out to your list and social media accounts and more,  daily in just minutes.

  • Remind your clients to book their appointments
  • Attract new clients
  • Plan your marketing in advance
  • You can even get things prescheduled and automated!

The Money Making Marketing Membership is the solution!

You could hire a marketing company, for $500-$5,000 a month, or you can invest in the Money Making Marketing Membership for a low one-time payment of $19.99 (payment plan options are available) and DIY your marketing easily for a fraction of the cost!

Course curriculum

    1. How to access your marketing contents

    2. Important Information

    1. Article/Blog Posts

    2. Facebook Ad Images

    3. Facebook Covers

    4. General Social Media Post Images

    5. General Blog Headers

    6. Round Images

    7. Client Handouts

    1. Articles/Blog Posts

    2. Ad Copy

    3. Facebook Ad Images

    4. Facebook Covers

    5. General Social Media Post Images

    1. Articles/Blog Posts

    2. FB Ad Images

    3. FB Covers

    4. Gift Certificates

    5. Social Media Images

    1. Articles/Blog Posts

    2. FB Ad Images

    3. FB Covers

    4. Social Media Images

    5. Round Images

    6. Business Card Tips

    1. Articles/Blog Posts

    2. Ad Copy

    3. FB Ad Images

    4. FB Ad Covers

    5. Social Media Images

About this course

  • $19.99 / month
  • 121 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content


  • How does this all work?

    You will receive an email immediately after purchase with download links to all of your content, training guides and bonuses. You will need to save these files to your computer, google drive or dropbox. Please save your files somewhere safe, we won’t be able to replace lost files. This is not a subscription. You get immediate access to everything to download and keep forever.

  • Is the material copyrighted?

    When you purchase the Massage Content, you purchase a license to use, adapt, and modify the content for your own massage in any way you choose. However, this usage license does not transfer to any third party. The content may not be used by social media marketing managers, graphic designers, web developers or other third party businesses on behalf of any client who has not themselves purchased the content to be used on their behalf. Have other questions? Email us at

  • Is this all-new content?

    If you have recently been a Content Club member, and you had already unlocked all of the content in the Club, this will not be new content for you. However, if it has been a year or more since you were a member, there is so much new and beautiful content!

  • What is the refund policy?

    Upon purchase, you will receive immediate links to download over 1,000 images, articles, and courses right away and keep forever. Because of this, your purchase is not refundable.

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“I love the content. Easy to use. You deliver information and education making it that much easier. I am glad I finally joined. I had a call from a potential new client after the Black Friday post so I know they work. Thank you!”

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“I have already used one of her blog posts. It was easy to do and it got a lot of likes and shares on social media. That with the social media pictures and ideas is the best $ I've spent in a long time.”

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“I was not a social media person before I decided to go the self employed route- I did not even have a personal Facebook page because it was just not something I wanted to be involved in. But, after several months of struggling trying to do the self employed thing without it, I finally came to terms with the fact that it’s going to be a necessary evil in my life going forward. Finding your site and the amazing content you provide is making the process so much easier.”

Ana, Massage Therapist

“This is the most amazing thing ever! I'm super excited about all the content. Thanks for making my life easier.”

Tasha S.