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Dates & Location

June 11th & 12th, 9am-4pm

123 N. Centennial Way, Suite 151, Mesa, AZ 85201

Contact: questions@4nineteeneducation.com


  • Course Description

    This course instructs on injury prevention and how to recognize and treat non-acute sports-specific injuries. You will accomplish this by utilizing sports massage therapy and stretching techniques to assist with muscle recovery from the athlete’s sport. Sports Massage supports the body's ability to perform for a person who participates in an activity, whether amateur or professional.

  • What are the Benefits for Students?

    *List 3 things you need for an event. *Explain the appropriate massage timing in Pre-Event, Post-Event, and Recovery Massages and what should be assessed in the intake. *Learn and develop Sport-Specific treatment plans based on Health History and techniques learned. *Describe the mechanism of injury and how the injury should be treated while in both the acute and chronic phases using massage. *Explain what is RICE *Determine when should you perform Cross-fiber friction *Perform Recovery massage protocol.

  • What are the Benefits for Clients/Patients/Athletes?

    *Increase in the following: -Range of Motion -Flexibility -Strength *Increase the ability of their body to be able to perform their sport *Enhances recovery and shortens recovery time from the activity and/or sport.

  • What are the Prerequisites?

    Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer and/or Healthcare Professional.

  • Is this a Online or In-Person Class?

    LIVE In-person Class ONLY!

  • Do I receive a Certificate?

    YES! You will receive a Certificate of Completion for Sports Massage . This course is an Approved Course with the BOC and NCBTMB.

  • What to bring?

    Bring your massage table, sheets, face cradle cover, and wear comfortable clothing. If any changes are made you will receive an email, so please check your email regularly a week prior to the class.


Happy Student!

Davonna Willis, MA, ATC, LMT


Davonna has a Master's Degree in Health Education from Teacher's College, Columbia University, and over 20 years of experience in Sports Medicine and Massage Therapy as an Athletic Trainer and Massage Therapist.
Davonna Willis

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