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April 1st-3rd, 9am- 6pm EDT

Central Florida School of Massage Therapy

450 N Lakemont Ave, Winter Park, FL 32792

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  • Course Description

    This course introduces students to the art of lymphatic work. Lymphatic Drainage Massage can be extremely beneficial to those who suffer from allergies, have had recent surgery, suffer from edema, or are consciously toning and detoxing their bodies. It is a valuable addition to the "menu" of the massage therapist working in a therapeutic or spa environment. The application of lymphatic drainage uses a brushing technique to stimulate lymphatic flow and drainage. This technique may be used independently, or in conjunction with bodywork techniques to create a client-centered approach. Facial Rejuvenation: a specialized lymphatic protocol for the face and neck; incorporates Facial Acupressure to work with acupressure points & meridians to clear blockages caused by emotional/physical stress.

  • As a student why should I take this course?

    *Describe a lymphatic drainage massage session to a potential client. *Speak accurately about lymphatic drainage (benefits, what to expect, etc.) to the client. *Identify when the application of lymphatic drainage is indicated or contraindicated. *Correctly apply lymphatic drainage techniques. *Application of work in different settings. *Creating a client-centered approach. *Identifying appropriate pressure scale.

  • What are the Benefits for Clients/Patients/Athletes?

    *Decrease swelling & edema post-surgery from Plastic Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, or 48 hours after an acute injury. *Feel better after Chemotherapy and Radiation cancer treatments. *Gut health improvement. *Promote Natural Detox for the body. *Reduce inflammation w/ acne & rosacea *Help reduce puffiness, fine lines & wrinkles. Increases circulation.

  • What are the Prerequisites?

    Licensed Massage Therapist and/or Healthcare Professional or permission of instructor. Not pregnant or nursing.

  • What to bring?

    Bring your sheets, face cradle cover, and wear comfortable clothing. If any changes are made you will receive an email, so please check your email regularly a week prior to the class.

  • Is this a Online or In-Person Class?

    LIVE In-person Class ONLY!

  • Do I receive a Certificate?

    YES! You will receive a Certificate of Completion for Lymphatic Drainage Massage with/Facial Rejuvenation. HOWEVER, If you OPT out of the Facial Rejuvenation portion you will ONLY receive the Certificate for Lymphatic Drainage Massage ONLY! This course is an Approved Course with the NCBTMB.

  • Cancellation/Refund Policy

    There is a no-risk, 3 day period to cancel your registration and receive a full deposit refund for any reason if paid in full. NOT including AfterPay payments. Students who cancel their registration after the 3-day period forfeit a $100 deposit which is included in their partial payment and/or full payment. The deposits are Non-Transferrable. If paid via AfterPay you have to email proof of payments to [email protected]. See the rest of the Policy underneath the Contact Us tab on the website.


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Davonna Willis, MA, ATC, LMT


Davonna has a Master's Degree in Health Education from Teacher's College, Columbia University, and over 20 years of experience in Sports Medicine and Massage Therapy as an Athletic Trainer and Massage Therapist.
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